Spanking Stories, Volume 2, is the second in the series of short stories about corporal punishment. We begin with a traditional story set in England where a young girl finds herself in trouble for vandalizing school property and ends up visiting Room 2F after school for six of the best.
The paddle was used in American schools for years and our second story presents the plight of two friends who get in a snowball fight on the playground and are sent to the principal.
Military schools are all about discipline, and a visit to the Disciplinary Board can result in the cadet bending over for a dose of the strap.
We all remember sleeping over at a friend's house, but fortunately most of us haven't had to find out what happens when you're caught smoking cigarettes!
Growing up in the South, spanking was very common. Follow Joey as he recalls spankings that he saw growing up in his neighborhood.
When a young mother loses her beloved husband due to an industrial accident, she finds herself unable to fill his shoes when it comes to disciplining her children. She finds a willing surrogate in the pastor at her church.
And finally, we visit a farm in rural America where the woodshed is used for more than storing tools.
This is a wonderful anthology of spanking stories written by T.C. Stonefox. Ranging from domestic discipline, school spankings, and judicial corporal punishment, these stories will take you back to the past or take you to a different culture. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in the many facets of spanking.