Seven stories of the bizarre and disturbing:
'All That Remains of Silence' by Mark Patrick Lynch. A young couple are bound to take care of something in a basket...
'Bracken Row' by Gemma Farrow. A night out leads to a spell in the cells.
'Foglass' by Stephen J. Clark. An obscure author has a band of dedicated fans who will do anything to glorify his name.
'Body of Work' by Sam Dawson. Art can imitate life, but sometimes it can do a lot more.
'Silas' Rat' by Iain E. Bunting. A Gothic tale of a man with an infestation.
'The Face That Looks Back at You' by Michael Kelly. "There I saw the trunk, just like this one, Alex. Black and old and timeworn. I went to the trunk, opened the lid, and peered in. A face looked back at me."
'The Light Wraith' by Michael Chislett. In London's sunlit Docklands, something is emerging from the brilliance of a thousand panes of glass.