A thrice-yearly magazine - first published in 2001 - devoted to short stories that have a supernatural element. This can mean traditional ghost stories and weird tales or more complex and elusive fiction that can loosely be defined as horror. The seven stories collected in this issue are:
'Tied Up Good and True' by Mark Patrick Lynch. A manipulative sadist thinks he has found a perfect victim in a weak-willed barman.
'The Names' by Jeremy Schliewe. A bored bookstore worker 'discovers' an almost forgotten author. But a quest to find his home becomes something rather different.
'Friends, Reunited' by Sam Dawson. An elderly couple are harassed by local youths. But are the old folk as helpless, and friendless, as they seem?
'Faces of the Missing' by David Surface. A radical artist becomes obsessed with his city's missing children, to the confusion of his closest friend.
'Things That Makes the Papers' by David Buchan. Newspaper reports, when pieced together, reveal a very different story involving a notorious criminal.
'Ruelles des Martyrs' by Antony Oldknow'. A rainy evening in Quebec leads an academic to pick up an imposing, and strangely attractive, hitch-hiker.
'Cold Plate' by Charles Wilkinson. A seemingly perfect, if materialistic, relationship takes an odd turn thanks to furniture deliveries.