Many years ago, corporal punishment was common. T.C. Stonefox is a master at recreating events from this inglorious past and this latest volume is no exception.
In a strict religious community, the Word is taken literally and when one of the flock strays, she is summoned to the Pastor’s office and given the opportunity to redeem herself by accepting a dose of the rod.
Back in the 1940’s nursing school was a lot different than it is now. See one, do one, teach one, is still the mantra, but living in the same dorm with a strict Head Nurse who gives out demerits was the norm back then. Too many demerits and you have to report to the Medical Director on Friday afternoon for a strapping!
No one would believe that the CEO of a large luxury hotel company would use corporal punishment on his most important employee, but what if she decided that was better than being fired?
The South believes the paddle can solve all problems, and maybe it can. Certainly back in the 1950’s it was the punishment of choice by principal’s that had to deal with infractions of the rules. What would you decide if you had the choice to be suspended or accept swats? The jock and the cheerleader faced that unpleasant decision.
Judicial corporal punishment is common in some areas of the world but not used by western society. In our fictitious country it has been brought back to deal with citizens who have too much wealth from the oil boom to care about a fine. Alexandra would have gladly paid a fine instead of paying with the cane, but that option wasn’t available to her.
Growing up on a farm is different from growing up in the city. If you break a rule on the farm, you can get hurt. Jennifer finds that out the hard way when she tries to photograph an eagle on Ghost Island and slips on a rock in the creek. It’s a long walk to the woodshed but preferable to being sent back home.