Even though spanking is pretty much out of fashion and against the law in the schools of modern Britain, a significant portion of the public believes in it. Linda’s editor comes across an item telling of a church in the US which not only advocates spanking for misbehaving children and teenagers, but also for deserving wives and adult daughters. And apparently its followers practice what the church preaches.

Her editor persuades Linda to travel to darkest America to explore the strange native customs. Shortly after her arrival, Linda witnesses the pastor’s wife paddling the bare bottoms of their naughty teenage daughters. She then spies upon the wife dropping her panties and bending over for a good dose of her husband’s strap.

It does not take long for Linda to go native as she talks to young ladies who accept the idea that getting their bare bottoms spanked makes them better persons. Linda also watches this belief put into practice. Soon Linda’s own panties are lowered for spankings — which she considers well-deserved.

Linda realizes that, for her, this is the correct order of things and she decides to move to this curious community. Of course, to be fully accepted she must join the church, which in turn requires a sort of apprenticeship, during which she is adopted by “church parents,” who assume the responsibility of spanking her as needed.