Staying sharp and focused throughout your day is easier if you take care of yourself with proper sleep and periods of relaxation. This gift set brings together all of the essential oil blends that can help you with all of those endeavours.

Relaxation Oil i mproves relaxation with mandarin oil, lavender and cardamom. Mandarin helps ease the frayed nerves that impede rest, while lavender reduces anxiety.

Concentration Oil utilizes the power of basil to improve awareness, clear your mind and boost memory. The blend amplifies basil's effects with memory and learning enhancing bergamot and energizing rosemary. Juniper and pine are also added to the blend to elevate your alertness.

Sleep Oil is a marriage of the best known essential oils for encouraging and improving sleep, including bergamot, chamomile, lavender and vetiver. This combination helps you to fall asleep more easily and to enjoy a more restful, deep sleep.


Blended Valley Gift Set makes a beautiful present for anyone who is seeking natural health and wellbeing. We are sure of our oil's quality and offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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