This book contains the following three fictional stories depicting the corporal punishment of sixth form schoolgirls:

An Unexpected Caning: When model pupil, 16-year-old Karris McCormack, has a run in with 'Ma Miller', the head of history at Kings Hill Grammar School, and then follows it up by making rude and inappropriate comments about her on Facebook, she is told to report after school for a caning. Expecting little more than a couple of moderate strokes of the cane on the palm of her hand, administered by the aging history teacher, she is horrified to discover she is also to receive 6 strokes of the cane on her bottom, two each being given by the headmaster, his deputy and the head of year. Afterwards, back home in floods of tears, her parents are horrified and call in the family solicitor to deal with the aftermath of this unexpected caning...

A Sixth-Former's Appeal: Keenan Massey, an 18-year-old sixth form student at Ambrose Academy, is a grid-girl, a promotional model who attends motorsport and superbike events. When she brings in her boyfriend's superbike to school things end badly and she ends up facing suspension but manages to persuade the headmaster to cane her instead. What she hadn't bargained for, however, was being sentenced to receive 8 strokes of the senior cane on her bare bottom, witnessed by the 33-year-old head of the sixth form, Lucas Daniels, who she'd fancied for some time.

Spindle!: Narrated by a sixteen-year-old boy who attends Leys Park Comprehensive School, we hear how five of the prettiest girls on the school's athletics squad engage in a practical joke, throwing bucketfuls of food waste over a number of the boys while they are getting showered. Unfortunately for them, they are caught on CCTV, and the following day are summoned to the sports hall where they are each made to bend for 6 painful whacks from the deputy head's slipper.